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Thunderstorm-situation of last 10 minutes
2019/1/16, 03:26:13
Assessment: No significant activity
No red alerts
No yellow alerts
No storms detected
1 stroke in past 10 mins. (avg. 0,1/min.)
1 Total flash in past 10 mins. (avg. 0,1/min.)
Energy of 0,5 in past 10 mins. (ratio 55%, avg. 0,1/min.)
26 noises in past 10 mins. (avg. 2,6/min., 96,3%) with detection maps!
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Data with friendly permission of http://www.blitz in Villingen Schwenningen and HTTP:/www thunderstorm info. in Berlin.
The data specified here are certain as pure Infomation and not to the protection of persons or real values.
The operators of the stations do not take over adhesion for false detections!
The data are exclusive for the private use!